The Super Bowl is the most iconic sporting venue to take place in North America every year. The Super Bowl always brings in the disgusting amount of money, and people all over the world watch the big game. Even though it’s a well-known event, there are a plenty of facts about it that aren’t known by the average citizen. Here are 20 things you didn’t know about the Super Bowl.

Fact 20: Broncos Thank Indy

When the Denver Broncos won the 2015 AFC championship against the New England Patriots, the Mile High City thanked the Israel family for its history. The Broncos have played in seven Super Bowls with a quarterback drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. John Elway played in five, after being traded to Denver, refusing to play in Indianapolis.

Fact 19: Four-in

The Super Bowl is followed by dozens of countries around the world. So it’s only fair that everyone can understand what is being said. The Sporting Venue is broadcasted in 34 different languages every year. Merci and gracias, NFL.

Fact 18: NFC dominance

It’s no wonder that in Super Bowl 32 Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers were major favorites over Elway’s Broncos. That’s because up until Denver’s first championship in 1998 the NFC had won 13 straight Super Bowls from nineteen eighty-five to nineteen ninety-seven. The NFC also won 16 out of 20 Super Bowls played in the eighties and nineties.

Fact 17: Go on or

It sounds like an advertisement, but Super Bowl tickets can be bought on a firsthand website for nine hundred dollars or less. But, if you go anywhere on the secondary market, tickets will easily cost you three thousand dollars at the cheapest.

Fact 16: Eighteen First

the Broncos boarded the Patriots chances in the 2015 AFC title game of setting a record for the most Super Bowl appearances with 9. Denver, New England, Dallas, and Pittsburgh have all made the Super Bowl eight times for most among all franchises .