Antonio Brown Fact Number 14 – A Forgotten Nickname

Antonio Brown is undersized by a pro athlete standard at 5 feet 10, 181 pounds. He was so thin when he was in high school that he was nicknamed Bony Tony, how clever.

Number 13 – Do You Smell What He’s Cooking?

Have a look at this photo, turns out that Antonio Brown is friends with The Rock. No wonder Brown is so physically gifted learning from this beast of a human.

Number 12 – The Annihilation of Chris Harris

In a week – 15 games against the Denver Broncos last season. Brown gave shutdown cornerback Chris Harris in the worst game of his career. He caught 16 balls for 189 yards and two touchdowns. Harris hadn’t given up a touchdown in two years before that and it’s considered the lone awful performance of his career.

Number 11 – Cheers? Nah!

Now let’s face it, most of us like some form of alcohol. You’d think the greatest pro athletes love to drink and party, whenever they can to, but Brown doesn’t actually drink any booze claiming ‘you need to keep your body clean.’

Number 10 – Family Man

Antonio Brown has four children. His girlfriend Chelsea Chris has two. Ben Roethlisberger has been working so hard to get Brown to put a ring on Chelsea’s finger, should that happen, Brown will have six lovely kids to look after.

Number 9 – Overcoming Adversity

Brown’s path to the NFL wasn’t easy. He didn’t make it to Florida State University because of his poor grades. He slept on couches and didn’t have a stable home as he had to move around a lot while searching for proper homes, turns out he did just fine.

Number 8 – The Number Story

Antonio Brown wears number 84, a typical high number for NFL Jerseys. But why does Brown wear it? He claims it is 8 x 4 which equals 32. Every team passed on him multiple times at some point in the 2010 draft. That’s motivation, baby.