Carmelo Anthony is an amazing score but he doesn’t have a ring. His team wasn’t too great and it currently is pretty good. So let’s what happens. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Carmello Anthony.

Number 10 – Puerto Rico

Carmelo is half Puerto Rican. His father is Puerto Rican who passed away when Anthony was just 2 years old.

Number 9 – 30-5 Record

Carmelo Anthony led Syracuse to a 30-5 record and the first-ever NCAA championship.

Number 8 – Carmelo Anthony Papa

Carmelo Anthony has a son named Kai.

Number 7 – EA Sports

Anthony was the only player to be featured on all three EA Sports basketball franchises.

Number 6 – Knicks–Nuggets Brawl

Carmelo was suspended for 15 games for joining the Knicks–Nuggets physical fight in 2006.

Number 5 – Knicks Record and MSG

Carmelo Anthony Career High 62 Points is a Knicks Record and Most Scored at MSG.

Number 4 – Top Player

Even though people say that Anthony is a top 75 player of all time, he hasn’t made the NBA files even once in his career.

Number 3 – Movie Star

Carmello Anthony appeared in a movie called “Amazing.”

Number 2 – Cats

Anthony is scared of cats… No, not lions or tigers. He is scared of regular domestic cats

Number 1 – G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe was his favorite TV show growing up.