We all know the most amazing brands in the world are Nike and Adidas. But it doesn’t mean that both of these brands are on the same level. Here are four reasons why “N” is Better than “A”.

1. Ahletes Promote Nike.

There is only one name that needs to be said that will make you believe that Nike is superior, and that name is Michael Jordan. Jordan may not only be the greatest basketball player of all-time, but he may be the greatest professional athlete of all-time. Adidas had a chance to sponsor Jordan a long time ago, but they passed. This was the biggest mistake they ever made because Jordan made the company larger than life.

2. Adidas is for Soccer.

Adidas is mainly prominent in Europe, so this means that soccer is their number one sport. However, in the previous years, Nike has made attempts to break into Europe and shake the dominance of them. This is adding on to the fact that they own the United States, specifically basketball and tennis.

3. Nike Makes More Money

Nike, as of late 2014, was nearly tripling the market share of Adidas. The former had $65.8 billion, and the latter had $22.7 billion in total market share. Also, they had around $8 billion more in 2014 than “A” did. They are simply more of a powerhouse right now than any other shoe brand.

4. Adidas Shoe Quality

This last reason is pure opinion, but I have always found Nike shoes to have better quality than Adidas. I have worn several types of each brand, but they always seem to leave my feet the happiest! They are more comfortable, have better material, and last longer than their rivals shoes do. Not everyone will agree with this since everyone has their opinion, but let us know what you think.