Football Tip No. 1

What you need to understand is it gets better, it really does. When I played with one team for 9 years and then I moved over to another team for the high school, I didn’t even enjoy the first week or two. I already played for 9 years at that point. So you are not the only one feeling that it is just the beginning of the season, try to get everyone on the same page. You just need to stick around and understand it will get better.

Football Tip No. 2

Take care of your body. The first couple of weeks you will feel terrible after you are sour. You are sour everywhere, it hurts, almost everything hurts. Do some stretching, go for a run or ask someone to help you break a block of ice. It is really hard when one is trying to teach you all this brand new information and all you can focus on is the aches and pains that you have.

Football Tip No. 3

Develop a routine. Say, you have after school practice like most people I know do. It is really hard to get in the string of things when you are going to bed at different times every night when you eat at a different time of the night and you are doing different stuff after practice every night. Just get in the habit of developing a good routine that works for you. Decide when to go to bed, when to wake up, when to eat (probably after practice). Find out when you have the energy to get some studying done. The more quickly you develop a good routine the more quickly you will be able to get in the string of things. It will help you a lot in the long run.

Football Tip No. 4

Do not complain about where they put you. Every new kid that comes to football team either wants to be a receiver, a running back or a cutter back. That is always how it works, every new kid wants luxury position because they think they get a lot of glory and they want to go there. A lot of them get pissed off when they don’t get what they desire. After all, it is not because they don’t like you, it’s just because of your size and where they know they will need you. If they already have a ton of good well receivers returning, they already click really well together, they know they have starting cutter back they already have running back. They will find a different position for you once you get some play time and a little more experience. So even though you might not enjoy the first couple of practices while learning about your new position, stick it up because the coaches know better what is best for you.