Football Tip No. 5

Don’t ask your parents to complain to your coach for you. Don’t come back to your parents complaining about where they put you or what is happening. It is super frustrating. You should trust your team and your parents should trust your coach. Your mom and dad can sit and watch practices, cheer, do all they want, but don’t intervene with what is happening on the field. Do not have your parents intervene, unless you think you are injured and they are making you play from injury. In such a case you could ask your parents to talk, otherwise, don’t have them complaining.

Football Tip No. 6

Only buy the essentials: The reality is that you are trying to play football, you don’t know if you are playing for more than one season, two seasons. Who really knows, right? At most, you have absolutely fallen in love thinking that you will be there for a long time. But if it is your first season, you know you don’t need to have all these gears, strictly essentials. All you need is a pair of kicks… Because you don’t really know your position. You don’t want to be going with something super high on you or something super low. It might not work at all positions. At first, you can wear anything as they can throw you around trying to find a spot that fits you. Do not go and buy sleeves and all this other kind of stuff. You know you won’t really need it. When it comes to others, stick to the basics you have so much more to learn right now besides dressing cool. So stick to a long sleeve or short sleeve, you don’t even need leggings. A lot of kids are wearing leggings but is not essential. Stick to the stuff you know you will need for your weather to keep yourself comfortable. If you are not used to playing in the cool, you want to get yourself some good cold weather gear. That is why you are not focusing on the cold but you are focusing on the learning.

Football Tip No. 7

Don’t overdo the swag now. When I was a veteran on the certain team, when we saw a new kid coming out on visas and sleeves, such a wear like 3 arm bands for the first practice, we really had no respect for that person. If you haven’t learned the game at all and you are trying to overdo your swags so much, players will lose respect for you. If you are a brand new player stick to the basics. You don not need anything flashy.

Football Tip No. 8

Good attitude and mass effort. If you are mad, you are not getting playing time. All you can do is to come with a positive attitude to learning more at every practice and give all the effort you have.

Football Tip No. 9

Watch football. It’s the fastest way to learn football. You can even go on NFL channels and find all football games there. The faster you learn from watching the games and seeing how other people play, the faster you pick up the right techniques.