Wheelz or Aaron Fotheringham (real name) is more badass than you. The guy landed a double backflip back in 2010 off California’s Mega Ramp. Wheelz a star performer in Nitro Circus. It’s an extreme sports show that travels city-to-city putting their event on display. Perhaps the most impressive part of this guy’s success, he does it all in a wheelchair.

How Can Wheelz Perform Tricks in a Wheelchair?

Fotheringham was born with spina bifida, a spinal cord defect that left him unable to use his legs. However, he has not let his condition slow him down in any aspect of life. Fotheringham has taken the cards he was dealt in life and has made the most of them. Wheelz told media outlets that he always heard people saying, “Ah, he’s in a wheelchair, he’s confined to his wheelchair.” But Wheelz said, “Nope, I’m not confined, you know. I’m riding it like a skateboard or a bike. And I love it.”

Wheelz is Tough As Nails

He’s tough as nails, catching air and gathering some serious hang time. He’s had his fair share of wipeouts. But that hasn’t deterred him from participating in his true passion. He thrives off those who doubt him, “When someone says you shouldn’t or you can’t, it kind of makes you want to do it even more.”

Wheelz is An Inspiration

Aaron Fotheringham is an inspiration to many. Despite his celebrity success with Nitro Circus and his growing popularity, the most rewarding experience is the events with children. He participated in an event in Dallas where he continuously encouraged kids in wheelchairs to push the limits and show them that they’re capable of participating in any adventure.

How Aaron Fotheringham Became Wheelz

Fotheringham could have gotten down on himself over his disability. Instead, he has fought it. Spinal bifida may have rendered his legs useless but it is not winning the war. Instead, Fotheringham has earned the nickname, “Wheelz” and put him on stage with some of the greatest athletes in the extreme sports world. I feel that we’re only seeing the beginning of Aaron Fotheringham. Perhaps the double backflip was just a taste of what he can show the world.

Who is Wheelz? A Superman on a Wheelchair?