What are the most popular dance styles from around the world? Often performed in a spiritual or stage setting, dance is a universal art form heavily rooted in emotional expression and social interaction. It’s ubiquitously worldly, allowing individuals in different countries to express their celebrations and frustrations to sounds or without. The colorful art form binds us together through the power of movement. And still, it separates us in how we choose to move. Each flex of the foot, each title of the head, and each stretch of the finger tells a story of an individual. It tells a story of a culture. Here, we outline a mere few of those stories with seven different dance styles from around the world. To be continued…

Top 7 Most Popular Dance Styles From Around the World Top 7 Most Popular Dance Styles From Around the World

Most Popular Dance Styles: Tango

Reigning from Uruguay and Argentina’s natural border, the tango is one of the most difficult styles of dance to master due to its marked rhythms and abrupt pauses. Influenced by European and African culture, the partner dance features different subcategories under its umbrella, all of which consist of close embraces, playful footwork, and exciting musicality.

Most Popular Dance Styles: Belly Dance

With a long history in the Middle East, belly dancing is also referred to as “Raqs Sharqi” and is normally done by women. The solo dance involves improvisation with the major focus on the hips and torso.

Most Popular Dance Styles: Classical Ballet

Ballet originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance and later developed into the grandiose theater production we know it as today in France and Russia. Characterized by light, graceful, and free-flowing movements on pointe shoes, classical ballet is based on traditional technique and vocabulary. Although there are different training methods and styles.

Most Popular Dance Styles: Break Dance

You might know it as “B-boying.” Requiring a lot of physical strength for its flips and headstands, the athletic dance started in New York City during the early’ 70s among disenfranchised African American and Puerto Rican youths.

Most Popular Dance Styles: Salsa

Flirty and sensual movements combine to create the Cuban and Afro-Cuban partner dance that has a fittingly fiery connotation. Along with break dance, salsa, as well as the cha cha cha and mambo, originated in the ‘70s. Thus, this dance style incorporates elements of swing dancing and the hustle. Casino salsa (Cuban-style) involves the men being “macho” and women being ferociously sexy with body isolations.

Most Popular Dance Styles: Polka

Involving swift kicks and hop-steps, the Central European partner dance also doubles as a genre of music. Introduced in the 1830s by Anna Slezakova in Bohemia, the dance made its way to Paris in 1840. There it became so popular that people began calling it “polkamania.”

Most Popular Dance Styles: Bharata Natyam

Developed in temples in Southern India, Bharata Natyam is a classical Indian dance that considers Lord Shiva as its God. Known for its tenderness, poise, and sculpturesque poses, the dance style is the one of the most popular in the world.

Top 7 Most Popular Dance Styles From Around the World Top 7 Most Popular Dance Styles From Around the World