You haven’t moved from your office desk for roughly 125 consecutive minutes. You’re sure the clock, which hangs on the wall directly opposite of you, is definitely broken. The second hand hasn’t budged – it mocks you in defiance. So, how to Make an Adventure Out of Your Daily Routine?

How to Make an Adventure Out of Daily Routine

Wisdom from King Solomon

You need an adventure – and by adventure, I don’t mean your hourly visits to the coffee machine or your constant swiveling in your office chair. If only you could hop on an airplane, travel around the world and still be back at your cubicle by Monday morning, 9 am.

That may be impossible, but here are some tips on how to make an adventure out of your daily routine:

How to Make an Adventure Out of Daily Routine: Switch Lives with Someone for an Hour

If you’re bored with your life, why not try stepping into someone else’s shoes for a bit? To do this, follow your friend or coworker around on his or her day-to-day exploits (no, not in a stalker-ish way). If he/she buys a cup of coffee, you should also buy coffee. Out running errands? You better run alongside him/her.

How to Make an Adventure Out of Daily Routine: Take one form of transportation other than a car, train or bus

Commuting is horrible, but traveling is fun. Switching up your mode of transportation can be just the thing you need to feel revitalized. If you follow the same route every day to a destination, you can also change up how you get there. Take a different path. It forces you to explore your surroundings.

How to Make an Adventure Out of Daily Routine: Take Your Earphones out

In fact, why not go without technology for the entire day? Force yourself to actually listen to the environment around you, no matter how loud, obnoxious and horrible it may be. Listening to people’s conversations is also a very undervalued source of entertainment. Trust me.

How to Make an Adventure Out of Daily Routine: Order one Food Menu You’ve Never Tried

Try this: while looking at a restaurant menu, close your eyes and randomly point to an item. Order whatever your finger lands on, exactly how it’s regularly served. It may just become your new “the usual.”

How to Make an Adventure Out of Daily Routine: Do One Extreme Activity During the Day

I suggest glass blowing. If that’s not feasible, skateboarding is pretty cool too. If you are really in the mood for adventure, it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone or pick up a hobby that you’ve always been curious about. How else will you find out that you’re actually incredibly talented at something completely obscure?

Enough with the swiveling now. Follow these steps, and your day while certainly become more interesting.