Rock. It is an unfriendly, unforgiving and everlasting combination of minerals and crystals. A rock absorbs nothing and says nothing, that being said. It baffles me that someone could call a rock “home.” However, that is exactly what Nick Hancock did. He lived on a barren rock for 43 days. How to survive on a Barren Rock?

How to Survive on a Barren Rock for 2 Months

How to Survive on a Barren Rock for 2 Months: Fear Not

Just another day on the job, escapades such as this are a trend for Nick Hancock. He seeks adventure after adventure all around the world. Nick did the impossible. He lived on one of the most desolate, inhabitable places on earth, Rockall. Rockall is located 286 miles west of Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean. It is merely a home to seabirds, also known as the rats of the sea. A tall granite structure that sticks out of the ground.

Rockall offers no shade, no nutrients, and no materials that can be utilized in a survival situation. Lord Kennet once stated back in 1971 how awful, and despairing Rockall is. Yet none of this derailed Nick Hancock’s quest for adventure. He broke the previous record of 40 days, set by former SAS soldier Tom McClean back in 1985. Only he didn’t stop there. He then went on to break the 42-day group record set by Greenpeace members back in 1997.

How to Survive on a Barren Rock for 2 Months: Have Good Intentions

How does one live 43 days on a barren rock? There is no wifi there, does that mean someone lived 43 days without Internet? Hancock ate army rations and had many methods of passing time. He chatted up the seabirds and homing pigeons, wrote blog posts, read multiple books, he even saw two minke whales surface for air. This entire journey wasn’t just for Nick; he also raised $17,000 for the Help the Heroes charity. A charity that helps wounded soldiers in the United Kingdom. What does Nick Hancock plan on doing in life after Rockall? Eat pizza and drink beer, the necessities in life.

How to Survive on a Barren Rock for 2 Months: Live in A Moment

Life on a rock is simple. Sure you imprisoned yourself and you cannot truly travel elsewhere. However, for 43 days nothing mattered to Nick except for the moment he was living in. There was no city noise or cars honking, just the sounds of waves crashing and birds chirping. There was no overload of papers on his desk in the morning to stress about. His only thoughts were of life itself and his temporary home, Rockall.