Do sports exist for lazy people? Sports and fitness is a trending theme in gamification, which is backed by motivation. Sporting should all be about an effort to assist burn calories in our systems and keep us fit and healthy, right? Some people will lack the spirit or urge to motivate themselves into gaming and sporting. In other words, they may feel too lazy to participate in various games and sports. This is why most of them go for sports that demand less effort and will participate in sports that may require a lot of mental strength but are physically less taxing. There are basically 5 top major kinds of these sports.

Sports for Lazy People: Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls has an objective of rolling biased bowls close to a relatively smaller sized ball, referred to as a kitty or jack. The playing surface is a bowling green which may be in different shapes (i.e. flat, convex, or uneven). This game is not hard to play and can be played by anyone between age nine and ninety.

The bowls are obtainable in various sizes, including the midsized bowl which ranges between 116mm to 131mm in diameter. The bowls are made from a hard, plastic material that can withstand the frequent contact between bowls at the course of the play. While in action, the player sequentially rolls his balls up in the green while aiming to complete the closest to the jack.

A bowling green appearance is usually square in shape. According to the Scottish Bowling Association, the green should not be less than 34 meters and should not exceed 40 meters in the direction of play.Almost anyone can play this sport. It is simple and not much effort is required. The player just needs to know how to bend low, hold the bowl, aim, and throw.

Sports for Lazy People: Archery

Archery is a sport that involves shooting arrows using a bow. It became an official event of the modern Olympic Games in the 1900 and was discontinued in 1924 because of a lack of international rules. It was later reintroduced in 1972 for the Munich games. This sport demands accuracy. Imagine a very tiny ring with a person standing meters away with a bow and arrow.

The average weight of a man’s bow should be 50 pounds while that of a woman’s bow should be an average weight of 34 pounds.

Archery is, for many, a fun sport or hobby that is pursued during leisure. It has also been gauged as a safer sport. This is due to a minimal amount of reported cases of injuries, compared to soccer, basketball, and many other games.

Are there any calories burned here? Archery may require high levels of composure, mental strength, and good aim. There may be a little bit of arm stretching. One will just have to stretch the bow, aim, and release. There is minimal physical activity and therefore minimal corresponding body maintenance and body shock.

Sports for Lazy People: Pool

This game is played on a pool table that has 6 holes into which the pool balls are deposited. Playing this game involves racking the balls using a triangle. The apex ball is to be positioned at the foot. All of the other balls are then lined up behind the apex ball and should be grouped together. Legal shots require that the cue ball is struck only with a cue tip. Otherwise, the shot is foul.

This game may take quite some time to master. It is commonly played in pubs, clubs, and casinos. The interesting part about it is that it requires less physical energy to participate than other sports do. What matters is your ability to think under pressure and eye-hand-mind coordination.

Top 5 Sports for Lazy People

Sports for Lazy People: Darts

The game of playing darts can be drawn back to hundreds of years ago. While the tales that Greek warriors used to fling short-sized spears onto inverted ends of a wine barrel are not certain, it is a fact that the game of dart gained popularity during the Middle Ages and was widely being played by men in drinking zones and clubs.

Earlier darts were much longer than today’s darts. Targets were mainly sliced-off tree trunks, as they had natural sections for which to aim. Today’s targets are more advanced and well-designed. The standard dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections, scoring from 1 to 20 points, by wires that run from the smaller central to the outer circular wire. The circular wires create a subdivision of the outer wires, making single, double, and triple sections.

Throwing the dart involves basic hand-eye coordination. When the throwing arm is drawn back, the arm ought to be maintained in a position such that the sharp point of the dart is drawn straight. Your eye should look directly at the target. This form of coordination and throwing is not very physically demanding. There are few movements other than the arm. Some people prefer playing darts because they feel the game isn’t too physically demanding.

Sports for Lazy People: Golf

Golf is an outdoor game that involves hitting a small, hard golf ball using a special type of club. The objective of this game is to deposit the golf ball in a given number of holes, or cups, using as few strokes as possible. There are strong sentiments that this game originated from Scotland.

Golf has its rules and regulations. For example, the standard course is usually over 6,000 yards lengthwise and consists of 18 consecutively numbered holes. There are playing areas leading to cups that measure 4.5 inches in diameter. The cups are set into a smooth surface of closely cropped grass.

Playing this game involves maneuvering the ball into the hole using a tee from a slightly elevated area. Between the tee and the green, there is a fairway which varies in length from 100 to 650 yards.

Golfing has two basic principles:

  • First, golfers must play the course as they find it.
  • Second, they must play their own balls and not touch it with their hands until the ball gets into the hole.

The rules have changed a little over time, similar to the dramatic changes in equipment. Balls used before were made from feathers, and the clubs were wooden. Nowadays, balls are from composite material and can be hit more than 300 yards; some clubs today are also made of non-wood material.

Golfing may require a lot of mental activity, concentration but is any fat burned there? If there is, it is very minimal. Proper sporting should be competitive in nature. In proper sporting, you should work out your feet, hands, and every other part of your body in order to outcompete your opponent. As golf minimally uses these muscles, golfing is the among the world’s laziest games.


Sports for Lazy People do not do much when it comes to body and fitness. There are fewer body movements and muscle shocks. Even if there are some movements, they are not equally distributed throughout the body muscles. This means that there are minimal calories burned, contrary to one of the major objectives of sporting.

On the positive side, these sports give a chance to some of the sick, the disabled, the juvenile, the elderly, and the lazy to have fun too.