If you’re an action sports lover as well as a GoPro owner, the StabCam might just be the next item on your wish list. The innovative invention is an “action camera stabilizer,” which allows users to capture clear footage when skiing, biking, or snowboarding, among other adrenaline inducing sports. You can now say goodbye to shaky GoPro footage.

How does it work? Thanks to the StabCam’s motors and sensors, it is easy to autonomously capture smooth video, hands-free. While other stabilizing rigs must be held in hand, the .66lb StabCam can easily attach to any existing GoPro mount or accessory (helmet, suction cup, rod, etc.). The weatherproof (rain and snow-friendly) stabilizer, which fits any GoPro with a waterproof or skeleton housing, is ready to go immediately after it is turned on, and on a single battery charge. It can record up to 2 hours worth of footage.

No More Shaky GoPro Footage With The StabCam

Shaky GoPro Footage Ruining Your Action Sports Films?

Another functionality of the StabCam is its ability to automatically track a moving subject. This further prevents the camera from capturing shaky GoPro footage. As with some drone cameras, it also has a “Follow Me” setting. In this mode, the StabCam can determine the location of a moving person by locking onto the subject’s smartphone and utilizing the GPS. This will consequently cause the camera to pan and tilt in order to keep the subject centered within the frame.

The StabCam team is now planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign, in hopes of raising enough funds to bring the product to life. The retail price will be $279, but backers of the campaign can obtain a unit for a pledge of $179. By subscribing to the StabCam website, you can receive early notice when the Kickstarter launches.

To learn more about the project, click here. Make sure to also check out the video below, which highlights the Stabcam in action. Don’t let shaky GoPro footage ruin your next action adventure film.