What is a Blade Supercar? Car manufacturing has moved into an era where it seems as though nothing is outside the realm of possibilities. Divergent Microfactories is proving that nothing is impossible one “Blade” 3D printed supercar at a time. Blade offers the opportunity to not only reinvent the way we make cars but revolutionize the way that we make really fast cars or supercars.

What are Blade Supercars - The Future of the Auto Industry?

What is Blade Supercar: Blade is more than just an awesome looking fast car

Part of what makes Divergent Microfactories Blade so efficient is the creation of “nodes”; or 3D printed aluminum joints which connect carbon fiber tubing as described in a press release from the company itself. “The Node solves the problem of time and space by cutting down on the actual amount of 3D printing required to build the chassis and can be assembled in just minutes. In addition to dramatically reducing materials and energy use, the weight of the Node-enabled chassis is up to 90% lighter than traditional cars. Despite being much stronger and more durable.

”Light weight from the 3D printed materials in conjunction with a sleek aerodynamic design lend to the cars ability to be both lightning fast. And exceptionally fuel efficient. Along with the slimmed down chassis, CEO of Divergent Microfactories, hopes to slim down the environmental impact of car manufacturers on the planet. “We’ve developed a sustainable path forward for the car industry that we believe will result in a renaissance in car manufacturing.”

What is Blade Supercar: A Need for Speed

Blade is efficient to make and better for the environment, but it still goes really fast.
How fast you ask? Very fast, in fact, the blade is equipped with a 700 horsepower engine that can move the car from 0-60 Miles per hour in 2 seconds. The idea that speed and efficiency must be mutually exclusive has existed for a long time. It’s because the fastest cars in the past were the cars that drained gas tanks the fastest, and weighed the most.

In a new era of supercars, the Blade demonstrates that lightweight 3D printed parts. And environmentally friendlier production can lead to one bad-ass fast sports car, and Divergent Microfactories is spearheading the movement to turn the car manufacturing industry upside down.

Watch Blade Super Car video here.