Running is an adventure. Those who excel at it are used to pushing themselves past the point of exhaustion. There are a few ways to gain that edge.

Here are some tips to make your next run easier:

How to Make Your Next Run Easier 1: Cover the Clock

A watched pot never boils; this tip is specifically for those who run on the treadmill. Continuously looking at your clock and the distance you have traveled will make your run seem endless, especially when the scenery doesn’t change. Put a piece of tape over the clock on your treadmill.

How to Make Your Next Run Easier 2: Prevent Blisters

Blisters can take a runner out for days. One trick to help those who are prone to blisters is pantyhose. Wear the thin fabric underneath your socks.

How to Make Your Next Run Easier 3: Choice of Music

Choose songs with a faster amount of beats per minute. The faster the BPM, the faster your running tempo will be.

How to Make Your Next Run Easier 4: Prevent Shin Splits

Shin splints can be incredibly painful and long lasting. The only way to truly heal them is by halting exercise entirely. They come from the constant pounding of your feet on the ground. One trick to help prevent them is by stretching your shins, lying on your back, and drawing the alphabet with your toes.

Running betters your body and mind elongates your life and adds that necessary boost to your health. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to gain that slight edge.

Tips for Making your Next Run a Bit Easier