It seems like everyone wants to know what a slackline is and how to slackline these days. People are doing it in parks, backyards, and just about anywhere where they can find some kind of structures.

Slacklining is one of the latest trends in sports. Back in the 70s, hikers were the ones who began slacklining. It was a form of a workout for them. Later slacklining transformed from an exercise into an everyday activity. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about slacklining and how to slackline.

What is a Slackline? How to Slackline?

How to Slackline: Wired Up

In order to slackline, you need two anchor points. These could be trees, fence poles, refrigerators (questionable), or anything that won’t move when force starts pulling the anchor points in toward the center.

Once you have your anchor points, just begin to jump on the slackline and fasten your webbing between the anchor points. The webbing is flat and it’s is usually made of nylon. The difference between a slackline and a tightrope is that a tightrope is much tougher whereas a slackline has more slack, hence the name.

How to Slackline: Technique

A slackline is nothing more than a very thin trampoline. When you begin slacklining, your weight pulls on your anchors, which is why you need to pick very secure anchors. The possibility of rolling an ankle, or getting some other injury is quite high. Thus, there is no need to make things worse. Make sure that the slackline doesn’t unexpectedly slam the ground while you are on it.

What is Slacklining Today

Slacklining as a sport has been pushed into more extreme avenues. People began experimenting with higher highs and new types of harness. The challenge of stronger winds adds more extreme and beauty to the sport. In addition, some slackers performing tricks on a slackline similar to what skateboarders do in half pipes (backflips and handstands mostly).