LeBron James is one of the most notorious players in NBA history. Fresh out of high school, the Cleveland Cavaliers star entered the big world of basketball with overly high expectations.

LeBron James became a legend just like Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, and Michael Jordan. He is a true inspiration to the NBA world.

Despite all the known facts about James’s career, there are a lot of things one might not know about this incredibly talented superstar. Thus, we’ve decided to compile the list of top 17 shocking facts you didn’t know about LeBron James.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 1: NBA and Championships

LeBron had his first championship in 2012. It was James’ ninth season in the league. He became a true hero after getting the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Later in 2013, he defended his title again, being named the Finals MVP in both series.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 2: Olympic Gold Medals

James became a true celebrity after reclaiming the gold medal during Beijing Olympic Games. His average was 15.5 points per game, in 8 games. The famous Basketball player received his second golden medal during the Olympics in London, with an average of 13.3 points per game, in 8 games.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 3: Overall Draft Pick

LeBron was taken first in the overall draft back in 2003. 2003’s class rank was one of the most successful in the history of Basketball.

At least four players from that draft made it to the Hall of Fame. LeBron James was one of them. The rest included Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 4: Big 3

Durin the famous “Decision” TV Event that led to the formation of the Miami Heat’s Big Three, James, along with Bosh and Wade, promised to win multiple NBA championships. As promised, the Heat made several trips to the NBA Finals.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 5: Mr. Basketball

Back in high school, James was awarded The State’s Player of the Year title 3 times in a row. As a senior in high school, his average was 31.6 points per 1 game. LeBron was the one who helped his team win the national championship that year.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 6: NBA MVP Awards

James received the Most Valuable Player Award four times. There were only a few other basketball players who were able to receive the same award more times than LeBron. By comparison, Michael Jordan got the same award 5 times.

LeBron James Shocking Facts 7: 6 NBA All-Defensive Teams

LeBron is great when it comes to the defensive end of the floor. As someone who is 6 foot 8 in height and 250 pounds in weight, he is an indestructible guard who got 6 NBA All-Defensive teams.

LeBron James: 7 Most Shocking Facts about LeBron James