Nudism is a lifestyle that has become quite popular among famous athletes. Being naked in public is no longer a taboo. It is a sign of pride for those who love their bodies. In this post, I have compiled the list of top 6 nudist athletes who enjoy the natural state of their bodies.

Nudism in Sports: Top 6 Nudist Athletes

Nudist Athletes 1: Brittney Griner

The famous basketball player Brittney Griner believes that people should not be ashamed of their bodies. Every individual is beautiful the way he or she is. Griner is not afraid of her own body, thus she doesn’t mind to putting it on display. Every individual is unique in a way, so is Brittney. She feels pretty comfortable with her long legs and big hands. And why not? The world would be boring if everyone looked the same.

Nudist Athletes 2: Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger, the famous soccer player, doesn’t like her calves. She thinks that they are too enormous for a woman. Ali likes posing naked because she believes that there are a lot of people who want to have the bodies of athletes. According to this train of thought, professional sportsmen are obligated to share the beauty of their bodies with the world.

Nudist Athletes 3: Aly Raisman

In the past, Aly Raisman was insecure about her muscles. Gradually, the famous gymnast learned how to appreciate and love her body. Raisman is proud of her imperfections, as they make her the person she is today. Professional athletes, more than anyone else, should learn how to appreciate their bodies.

Nudist Athletes 4: Gabrielle Reece

According to the famous Volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, being happy is more important than being beautiful. Back in college, Reece worked with a lot of models from New York. Sure, the shape of their bodies were perfect, according to the standards of the modern world. However, the majority of those women seemed unhappy.

Gabrielle feels comfortable about her strong body. It makes her feel happy. Happy people are the ones who are truly beautiful.

Nudist Athletes 5: David Beckham

David Beckham always felt confident about posing naked on camera. According to the famous soccer player, being nude means being yourself. Even though David realizes that some people find public nudity controversial, this does not scare him. When Beckham is naked, he is being himself.

Nudist Athletes 6: Michael Phelps

Water and nudity go hand in hand with each other. Every time Michael Phelps poses on camera, he has a lot of fun. It’s the natural state of his body. He has nothing to worry about. His body made him a world-famous champion.

Nudism in Sports: Top 6 Nudist Athletes