LeBron James has endorsed Samsung products for some time. His latest endorsement deal is for the Samsung Gear VR, and to promote it, the sports superstar showcases his lip sync abilities. It’s definitely a lot funnier than even the best celebrity endorsements, even Snoop Dogg’s deal with Norton Antivirus or Justin Bieber promoting Calvin Klein underwear.

Maybe LeBron James Isn’t the Best At Lip-Syncing, But the Ad is Awesome

The latest advertisement features a great number of actors lip-syncing to the sound of Public Enemy’s ‘Let’s Go To Work’. The ad spot is just a minute and a half long, and its scope is impressive. Samsung has the entire experience, twelve minutes long, available on the Oculus store and Samsung’s VR app.

LeBron Makes the Samsung Gear VR Look Like A Walk in the Park

The ad spot makes the device look pretty accessible and easy to use. It has done a lot of honor Mark Zuckerberg’s prediction regarding virtual reality. Truly enough, it seems as if virtual reality will be slowly lurking in every corner of our everyday lives.

The advertisement features LeBron training for his career and other people training for their respective careers. The Gear VR, designed with Facebook’s Oculus operation, has a stamp of approval from many.

Is James Ready to Go From the Court to Lip Sync Battle?

The lip syncing in the ad is great, though maybe not the best on James’ part. He certainly has room to grow and has some work to do before thinking about going on Lip Sync Battle. Nevertheless, this has proven to be a great step forward for Samsung, and a great marketing tool for those who want to also go to a virtual world to work.

Virtual Reality is Growing Fast

The speed at which virtual reality is growing is great, predictably so. In the near future, once Sony’s PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive are out on the market, it’ll be a constant battle for the title of the best. This will be a great time for consumers that are curious about the technology. Virtual reality will start to tackle all sides of daily life.

This and robotics will prove to be the technology of the future. Things are seriously looking up for Silicon Valley. As for other more boring endorsements, like Justin Bieber modeling for Calvin Klein, it’s still the same old ads with the same old concepts.