People, like fruit, come in all different shapes and sizes. You have your bananas, pears, pumpkins etc. Just about every fruit can coincide with the physique of a human being. Where am I going with this? Well, the wonderful people of Brooklyness live for adventure and recognize the varying shapes and sizes we humans come in and have designed a “one size fits all” adjustable bicycle, introducing the newest trend, the Universal Bike.

Universal Bike

The Universal Bike is fit to transport you for adventure after adventure all around the world. This innovative idea was derived from the people of Brooklyness when they noticed the progression of office chairs throughout time. They’ve improved and become far more comfortable, meanwhile, the advancement of bicycles has remained relatively stagnant. Sure they’ve become lighter, faster, and more durable, but the shape of the frame has gone unchanged. All bicycle models are sold in up to 6 different sizes. This causes issues for the people in production and distribution in that it is far more costly and complicated.

Carbon fiber is in right now; people love to combine the words carbon and fiber because it sounds futuristic. Perhaps you ‘re thinking, “Why not just get a carbon fiber frame custom made?” Well, I’ll be honest, that is a terrible thought. A custom built to size carbon fiber frame on average will cost you up to $12,000 while a Universal carbon fiber frame and fork will only cost you $695. Think of what you could do will all of that money saved; you could buy a used jet ski.

Worries of the Past

Riding a bike has the potential to be very dangerous and requires concentration at all times. Sure, it’s hard to focus on the commute if you’re distracted by back pain caused by an improperly sized bike. However, with the Universal Bike, this is a worry of the past. Simply add your measurements to Brooklyness’s “size and fit” app and a bike with all of the correct settings could be yours. People love the adventure that is riding a bicycle. It’s something we all learn to do at a young age and it follows us throughout our life. A bicycle is a convenient mode of travel whether it’s for exercise, commuting to and from work, or simply for the thrill of coasting on a joyride. If you’ve avoided riding a bike your whole life because resemble an unfortunately shaped fruit, the Universal Bike just may be your solution.