One of the most successful tennis players in the history of sports, Serena Williams, is known for her undeniable dedication and ability to burn the candle at both ends. Serena is the worldwide sensation who won several Olympic Gold medals and many other awards. In the previous post, we’ve listed the first part of 25 facts about Serena Williams. This post is the second part.

Number 8

Serena is more than just a tennis player. She is a fashionable athlete. During a match in 2002, Serena was wearing a black lycra catsuit at the US Open. This was a number one discussion topic among sports enthusiasts at the time.

Number 9

Serena Williams, along with her sister Venus, took part in the famous reality TV series called “Venus and Serena: For Real.” The show features the lifestyle of the famous sisters: poker tournaments with family members, driving expensive cars, and playing the musical instruments, among other things.

Number 10

Serena Williams had faced a terrible tragedy in her life. Her younger sister, Yetunde Prince, was the victim of a shooting in Los Angeles.

Number 11

Serena is noticeably peculiar when it comes to selecting shoes for her tournaments. In 2004, she experienced difficulties with tournament officials who didn’t allow her to wear knee-high boots during the US Open.

Number 12

In 2009, Williams was placed on probation for threatening a lineswoman. The situation was awkward, but Serena managed to move on after the incident.

Number 13

After winning the Australian Open for the third time, Serena Williams earned herself eighth major championship title.

Number 14

Two months after winning the Australian Open, Williams received probation for two years. It was the biggest punishment ever against a tennis player. In addition, the Grand Slam committee fined her $82 thousand dollars.

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