Serena Williams is one of the biggest athletes in the history of sports. She is a dedicated and hardworking individual who inspires millions of people from across the globe. In the previous posts, part 1 and part 2 of 25 amazing facts about Serena, we listed the first 14 facts about Williams. This article is part 3 of 25 amazing facts about Serena Williams.

Number 15

In 2009, Serena Williams released her autobiography, “Queen of the Court,” in which she highlighted the main events of her life, such as the 2009 Australian Open singles and Wimbledon 2009 singles.

Number 16

Williams started her nail collection in 2010. In preparation for the collection, Serena took nail technician courses. She became a certified nail technician.

Number 17

Williams is a kind person. After the terrible earthquake in Haiti that took the lives of 220000 people and injured over 300000 people, Serena sacrificed her precious time and spent her own money to help form a charity aimed at helping the victims of the earthquake.

Number 18

In 2011, Williams had to undergo a complicated surgery that was related to a blood clot in her lungs. Thankfully, everything went well and Serena managed to recover quickly.

Number 19

After all the efforts spent by Serena on helping others, UNICEF decided to appoint her as a goodwill ambassador.

Number 20

In 2012, Serena Williams won 2 gold medals at the Summer Olympics of 2012. Williams was the best at women’s singles and women’s doubles. What a woman!

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