All around the world, people use bicycles for transportation as a necessity as well as for adventure. So, at no surprise, all around the world bike thieves exist to capitalize on unprotected bicycles. Nutlock is the latest in the trend of bike wheel theft deterrent devices.

New Tech Keeps You Bike Safe

No one wants their day to be cut short of possible adventure by going outside and finding your bike is missing a wheel, or worse, both wheels. Instead of your day having a lovely bike ride, the adventure has now become to run around in circles wanting to shake down every John and Jane on the block to try and find your bike. Playing detective is a fun adventure, but not when you’re snooping around for your stolen stuff. Nutlock is a convenient preventative to this ugly circumstance.

Nutlock is Unique

Most other bike locks are often chains or rubber coated wires that wrap through the spokes and bike frame to keep everything attached. But this is an overly cumbersome solution. Nutlock replaces the nut or skewer where your bike wheel attaches to the frame.

Normally, it is very easy for bike thieves to walk up with a wrench and remove the nut or skewer. All it take is freeing the wheel from the bike frame in seconds. The back wheel is a little more tricky and time-consuming because of the chain and possibly gears. But it is still manageable for any experienced bike thief.

Conical Shape

The nutlock features a conical shape with open-ended cutouts. Thus, wrenches and other tools used for theft can’t find a place to grip. They are slipping right off the nutlock before they can get enough torque to begin to unfasten the nutlock by even a micrometer.

To put it in other words, to install the nutlock on your bike is like fastening your wheel with a special nut. You have a unique wrench that is the only tool that can unfasten it. Of course, the nutlock is only for your bike wheels; you’ll still need a u-lock or chain to secure your bike to a sturdy foundation so nobody goes walking off with it.

While replacing a wheel may cost you $100, the nutlock is available at $25 for the front wheel. It’s $39 for both the front and back wheels. Your key also has a bottle opener on it in case your adventure could benefit from a beverage of your choosing.